Evony 2: Electric Boobaloo


‘Men Only’, it says. Because there is nothing more heterosexual than a group of guys isolated from the opposite sex and basking in the glow of each other’s horniness. It’s why the Royal Navy has always been so famously straight.

Wartune is a browser-based RPG. My brief glances at its website haven’t revealed anything that might keep a person busy for weeks, but I admit tits are not my area of expertise. Maybe the game is full of them. Maybe it is full to bursting point with barely-covered knockers. Maybe it is actually set on a single, mountainous breast.

Like I said, tits aren’t exactly my area of expertise.

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Total War: Arena – Nine Parts Great, One Part Ballsed Up?

Total War: Arena

The Creative Assembly’s newly-announced F2P multiplayer looks to be nine parts brilliance to one part Oh God, No.

Era-mixing? Marvellous. 10vs10? Delightful. Deliberately making it so the three units you control are as complicated as 20 units in a standard Total War game? …Not so sure about that one, fellas.

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Written 11/06/2012. First posted here.

This year, as with every year, the UK gaming world stayed up until Stupid o’Clock to watch E3. It’s when everyone gets together, the industry pulls out all the stops, the big news of the year is made and the companies wheel out the big guns…

Unfortunately, Ubisoft took that last one as a euphemism. You see, they wanted to make sure people were watching, so what did they do? They put tits on it. Just Dance 4? Tits. Shootmania? Tits. Far Cry 3? Tits with tattoos.

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