Mariel Hurd

Content Editor. Or, to put it in more truth in advertising terms, mean-spirited pernickety bitch with a red pen. Doubles as the handler of all and any tweaks to the blog, fixer of problems, and general long-suffering organiser of shit.

Geeky queer chick who likes Warren Zevon, folklore, and dramatically reading godawful amateur fiction to her flatmate. Her flavours of gaming are PC and tabletop, and she has bad taste in clothes but good taste in Doctor Who.

There were no Doctors after Nine.

Jack Bromley


The odd one out. Console gamer, slave of formal education, tabletop shunner, not funny. His writing strategy consists of crying to himself before crying at the feet of Mariel.

Has a worrying obsession with Lana Del Rey, and is easily led by the siren song of pop culture.

Martin Clarkson

Scrawny northern ginger nancy-boy.

Another tabletop/PC gamer, another Old Who-watcher, and another bloody queer. His passion is strategy games, but he doesn’t trust any battle tactic more complex than “CHARGE!”. Not an outstanding military leader, even on Easy mode.