Reject Review – Gangsters 2: Vendetta


Gangsters 2: Vendetta is a Russian doll of revenge plots.

When some mobster dude has your mobster dad killed, you seek justice by becoming a mobster and killing all the other mobsters – starting with that bastard who orphaned you. His name is Ward “Bullseye” Coley and he’s one mean mother. Your name is Joey Bane and you have a sneer like an anus sucking a lemon.

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Budget Review – Evil Genius

Written 03/08/2012.

Evil Genius

You’re evil, in possession of an abnormally high intellect, and you want everyone to recognise this and give you presents for it. Starting as little more than a humble dealer in human suffering, you gradually work your way up the ladder of crime until you find yourself squatting in your subterranean base, considering how deep inside the volcano to build your doomsday device.

Not an auspicious goal, admittedly – no one likes being told they share a life plan with Ming the Merciless – but one that’s easy to grasp. Like the world. Between your cruel, talon-nailed fingers.

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