The Last of Us Could be THE Survival Game

Written 11/06/2012. First posted here.

Taking place twenty years after a pandemic ravaged the population, The Last of Us follows the story of Joel: an average survivor hired to smuggle 14 year-old Ellie from a military-run quarantine camp. Rather a generic zombie game, right? On the surface, yes, but its true depth and individuality is all in the execution.

The current market is plagued with post-apocalyptic survival games, a horde of indistinct titles with no real life. There is the occasional special release with a greater sense of humanity than its mindless companions, though even those fail to suspend my disbelief. Many try, and many succeed in the small details, only to stumble at the finish.

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Project Zomboid Review – Dying Is Fun

Written 21/11/2011. First posted here.

The word of the day, boys and girls, is ‘bleak’. Synonyms include: desolate, dismal, disheartening, and dear god let it end.

Today’s colour will be purple; as in prose. Not quite ‘limitless abysses of inexplicably coloured twilight and bafflingly disordered sound’ but with more than a touch of the ultraviolet nonetheless. This is purely because it fits the feel of the game, and isn’t the slightest bit really fun to write.

Project Zomboid is a post-apocalyptic survival game from Indie Stone. It’s in open development, so this review should be absolutely useless by Christmas, but as I type this we’re on version 0.1.5d, it’ll cost you £4.99, and the developers were robbed just over a month ago and could really use the cash.

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